We have had the pleasure of having Kelly be the photographer for our family groups and especially for pictures of our Grandchildren. Kelly’s skill and creativity are visible in every single one of the pictures that she takes. Kelly’s ability to capture real moments and personalities in a single shot is her signature talent. Her professionalism, knowledge of photography and her creative use of props enable her to quickly adjust to whatever situation, movements or angle she needs to capture “picture perfect” shots. She is full of positive energy and her gentle personality and patience brings out the best in her subjects, especially the personalities of children. Kelly has given us memories we can now enjoy and relive through her outstanding pictures. The most difficult part is deciding which pictures are the best since they are all marvelous. We cannot thank Kelly enough for all the hours of pleasure her pictures have brought us.
For several years, Kelly Ann has been taking fabulous shots of my family, which includes my husband, a toddler son, and a hyperactive labrador retriever. She has been covering our holiday parties, birthday celebrations, and seasonal (fall / summer) outings. She is a thorough professional with enormous patience for infants and toddlers. As a result, we were able to get many startingly impressive photos that could never have been possible without her. You should see the walls in our house, which are covered by numerous beautiful memories, all thanks to Kelly Ann.
Kelly Ann has been capturing precious images of my family for over four years. My home is filled with beautiful photos, thanks to Kelly, from when the kids were newborns up through our most recent Christmas card photo. Kelly has a keen eye for capturing the kids’ personalities and energy, she makes the experience enjoyable and provides amazing results. Her talent, professionalism, patience, and kindness puts all of her subjects at ease and result in the most amazing moments frozen in time. I treasure each one of Kelly Ann’s photographs, I am forever grateful.